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Happy Equinox !

Yes tonight is the Autumn Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere. Day and night are equal in length. There's lots of meanings and rituals attached to this, but to me it is above all a time of balance ~ and in that balance a gateway into the Universe we all inhabit.
Balance and Harmony are key attributes to a happy life and healthy society, and it seems that currently we really need to remember that !
We had a really busy day in the shop today and I hit a real energy low ~ but rather than attempting to conjure healing energies/angels I went back to basics. Surrendered myself to the greater flow of existence.
An old meditation came back to mind.
Imagine yourself a bottle of water floating in the ocean. The bottle represents your ego, your personal boundaries and the water within is your personal history, your soul. But it is not truly yours. It's part of the greater ocean without, the ocean of Cosmic consciousness if you like.
Yes, you are an intrinsic and vital part of that.
But ultimately we are all cells floating soul naked in that cosmic sea.
This is a more personal meaning of balance, between the Personal and the Universal.
After a few moments floating in that ineffable ocean I emerged recharged and ready to face customers again.
So tonight for the Equinox I'd just recommend finding your balance.
Between all the positives and negatives, the hates and the loves, the achievements and failures you've experienced in your life, remember that sense of balance.
If your life can be seen as a necklace of moments threaded together by time,
that thread is your balance.
In that state of balance you are more authentically you.
Happy Equinox and Blessed Be
Marc and the Heart Team.


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