Happy Healing Energy

Don't know about you all out there, but in the Crystal Heart microcosm it seems a lot of us have had a hard time over the last few days. Personally I've been feeling exhausted, grumpy and pointless ! A lot of this is due to preparation for the current 1 year, which really demands we let go of unnecessary old baggage. Particularly negative self beliefs. For me, the negative overload was beginning to manifest some worrying physical symptoms so a couple of nights ago I dug deep and called on healing energy. I could egoise that, for after all I had the faith to make the effort -  but as I had to ask, well that turned it into a prayer, and engendered gratitude for the healing energies/Angels that listened. Result was that in another of those minor miracles that make up our lives, I feel healed. Crystals helped as well - especially in this case some Smoky Quartz with Red Epidote inclusions that I sat on my lower belly to activate some healing. This deepens my belief that used consciously, crystals are in their own unique way, prayers in a natural solid form.

In acknowledgement of this healing I've resurrected my prayer to the 7 directions before sleep. It's so simple, and non-denominational ! Starting with a traditional Native American prayer, but I've customised it. Stand with palms pressed together over your Heart. First acknowledge the 4 compass points - N,S,E,W. Then look upwards to the bright stars shining in the deep dark. Then downwards, acknowledging the deep fiery core of this Earth. Finally, look into your own central Heart. I love this simple meditation. Just a few minutes, but it takes you out of the nitty gritty of your day in the mundane world and reconnects you to your true reality - an equal being in an infinite and loving cosmos.

Blessed Be.

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