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I'm still Here !

Hope you're all well and happy.
Here in Melbourne the Lock Down saga continues and we're all getting a bit depressed, no matter how many positive tricks we know.
I decided to take advantage of this by getting new knees ...... the right one is doing very well, so I'm in for the left knee soon ...... and that's my excuse for not blogging !
Surgeon and staff in the Hospital were all amazing of course, but on discharge my new knee was way too stiff, it wouldn't even bend 90%. As soon as I got home I hit the panic button and really took over my rehab, exploring on youtube and learning everything I could. If I woke up at 2 or 3 am I got up and did more exercises. By the end of 6 weeks I achieved 120 to 130 degrees which is absolutely fine for all activities except the child pose in yoga.
I learned 2 things. Firstly that in cutting away all the bad bone my surgeon also cut away all the negative psychology attached. Some days just walking up for a coffee I feel Euphoric. Secondly I learned that even though the staff are great, as long as you're in hospital you're a patient. It wasn't until I got home that I could assume control and do things my way ! It wasn't until then that I realised that this was my knee, my body and my responsibility. That's a good lesson for life in general.
Stock wise things are looking up, we got a small shipment from Paul finally and some amazing pieces from Julio so I'm uploading them as fast as I can. But with the above lesson in mind I'm not rushing. I put even more work into my write ups in order to give you all the best verbal portrait I can, trying to duplicate the same words I would give  you in the shop.
No more 'nice amethyst look at the pics' etc !
Sometimes it takes me an hour to write up one piece ~ but the art of good writing is that you don't see that effort.
So check out the New Jewellery
at least once a week, because it'll take a long time to get through them all.
There's some amazing pendants with Julio with slices of Amethyst Druze, and wes got some more of those special pieces with valuations.
  From Paul the golden Tourmalines are a bit special and the rest are clearly lovely but mainly filling gaps in our regular stock
OK just going to post this or it will be buried like my last 6 attempts  !
For all of us still caught up in Covid Madness, just remember
This too shall pass
OK, Stay Safe, take Care,
and Love from the Heart as always.
Marc, Leah, Jo, and new member Lily.

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