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Steps of Transformation

Mostly these blogs are about Jewellery, but I did just upload some awesome Kunzite specimens. It suddenly hit me that although I've been selecting these stones "randomly" over the last week I've only proven to myself that it's not a random Universe ! There's a real evolutionary flow here as we move from one stone to the next. Shattuckite over Easter and cutting Karmic ties. That was an intense transformation. So then Amazonite softened the blow, followed by Kunzite which regained direction through loving wisdom. Finally, tonight, I've uploaded really lovely Smoky Quartz which brings all those steps of initiation home to the physical cells of our body. To all those who've shared this journey, blessings, and enjoy a renewed cycle of life.


  • | Annemarie

    It’s amazing how nature, Mother Earth provides us with the means to throw us into the deep water, then reels us gently back in to help us find solid footing on her nurturing shores once more. Thank you Marc for your continued search to help us find just the stone to support us in the process!

  • | jessica

    It’s lovely to hear how Smoky Quartz can help bring everything back into the ‘physical cells of our body’ to keep us connected and grounded… which will in turn help assimilate the knowledge gained.
    Thank you for your words :)

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