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Well thank the Gods I've finally finished all the accounts stuff and can get back to my real love - uploading beauty - and today's additions need a special word. Looking above this blog you'll see that all 4 of the new categories have been updated. Firstly the Shattuckite Pendants are the best we've had, and at last this composite stone makes sense to me. The Royal Blue parts are the actual Shattuckite, nearly always found with light blue to green Ajoite and dark blue Azurite. The one shown above is my favourite because it's also very quartzy and translucent.

Next along you have some perfect Pyrites cubes and it still wows me that the forces of nature alone can create such perfect specimens. Especially when they are interlocking cubes of which a human sculptor would be proud.

Next the awesome Pyrites Hearts. I only chose two because they have a high polish and perfectly formed crystals in the cavities. What a splendid gift - a Golden Heart revealing the gem like mysteries that lie within,

Finally, that rather boring pic of the Rune set doesn't do it justice. These are real Rose Quartz Runes, so all your readings will be loving, including a drawstring pouch and 120 page book.

There's still heaps to upload, but I'm especially happy with these offerings.



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