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Really Feel I've landed now !

Wow it's been a massive 3 weeks since I returned from my trip. Sadly the lovely Alex left, so there were a few tears there. We all miss her but wish her well in her new career. We had another staff member off with food poisoning. So with all that going on and training up the equally lovely Jess I've been pretty busy and only now feel grounded and back " in my Skin " 

Nevertheless I've kept up with uploading a new stone every day - so check out " New Jewellery " Don't forget, if I upload multiple stones I only put one in this collection but with a link to the rest. There's lots more to come !

Today's offering is Blue Sapphire. Genuine stones, mined in Chanthaburi, Thailand. This area was mined out by the 70s but obviously some more has been found. You can't tell by looking, but there are almost certainly glass filled. Sounds terrible doesn't it ? But in actuality it's a special process using a special glass which fills TINY cavities in the natural stone. This is regarded as a legitimate procedure in the Industry which therefore doesn't need to be disclosed - but Hey, this is Crystal Heart ! They are beautiful stones with lovely sapphire energy. Enjoy.

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