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Thanks for the support, Amigos

Wow. Back in '86 I made a powerful life decision to go read Tarot in a local Market in Perth. After all what else could a guy with an honours degree in Computers and Cybernetics and a c.v. as a seismologist for an oil exploration company do after he'd been to India and discovered Meditation, Energy and Interconnection ? :-)

Anyway, that first step was the right one and ended up with the Crystal Heart - which has been a labour of love for me ever since. For many years I saw it as a kind of fun hobby, not a business at all :-) but times change and since the website the Heart has been Thumping. 20 record months in a row. I really want to thank you, all of you, for your support and for some of you, customers from the beginning, I love to see you still coming onto the shop still holding the faith.

That " Faith " is simple. We are all part of an energetically interconnected Universe. We alone are responsible for ourselves, our energy, our choice in how we react to the curve balls life throws at us. Hence we are all empowered beings playing our roles in the Universe. I love you all.

Wow, this post has digressed :-) 'cos I also love gemstones :-) and that's what keeps me ticking over.

So I've uploaded lots of lovely OPAL, some amazing Dioptase, and last but not least some awesome Red Epidote Quartz. Check them out !





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