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In Ancient Days at the Heart, long before this website was born, I'd come back from a trip with my Pirate's Chest of Silver and Gems and it would all be priced and shoved out on the shelves at record speed. Now it's different. Every piece has to be cleaned, photographed, measured, described and uploaded. I just worked out that's 17 different operations for each piece. That's not counting my triple sort process when I'm buying, to ensure that you see only the creme de la creme. Luckily this is a loving operation. Each piece receives the respect it deserves, and after all isn't that what we all want ? I find that giving this loving respect to the stones is helping me, finally, to give the same loving respect to myself. When I called this shop Crystal Heart that was the challenge I was laying down to myself. To be a clear headed yet loving human being. Business with integrity.

Down to Earth, this means that I'm still processing stock I bought back in February ! For the next few days I'll be uploading a fantastic range of Tibetan ( also known as Mongolian ) Turquoise.  In the gem world the finest Turquoise is if course that lovely Robin's Egg Blue with no inclusions. But honestly I find that a bit boring. I love this Tibetan Turquoise with it's strong dark veins. Not just because they're grounding but also because they stamp each piece with such a strong personality.

check it out here, and enjoy !




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