Magnificent Golden Beryl

I don't often devote a Blog to just one piece, but this one is extraordinary, even for us ! Background is that this Morning I got up to do my usual meditative excercises. I just combine bits of Yoga, Pilates, Body Building and Vipassana Meditation. The focus this strange year has been on the Plexus, and on this Winter Solstice Morning there was a breakthrough. For the first time I really felt that conscious golden energy. There have been medical studies which reveal that with the amount of neurological material there the Gut is really a second brain. This morning I really felt that. Now, I'm a big believer in synchronicity, and fact is this magnificent Golden Beryl Pendant had been sitting on my desk for a while awaiting processing but I knew I wasn't ready for it. Until now. Until the Golden Energy of this stone finally activated my Plexus.

Even the weather joined this party. Cold yet Sunny. The chaotic vital outgoing energy of the Sun combined with inward seeking lack of warmth. The integration of the higher and lower selves is what the plexus is all about. Golden Beryl. A masterpiece of Nature.

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