• Afterpay and new goodies

    Hi Everyone and hoping you're all well. It's been a strange 6 months here at the Heart. Not a lot has changed on the surface, but underneath a lot has been going on and new stock is arriving. All this time Pluto was retrograde and there just seemed to be an endless series of unforseen obstacles ... View Post
  • Hi Everyone and hope you're all well. Sorry for the long delay. Shop has been busy, I've been trying to keep up with the uploads, but there's been a few other things distracting me. First, Happy Equinox ! The day and night achieved their biannual balance so all is well there, and now the days get... View Post
  • This Weeks Uploads

    Hi Everyone and hope you all had a good week. It's been pretty intense here at the Heart with everything happening at once ~ I don't know what's been happening in the Stars but the whole World seems to have been going a little more crazy than usual. All I can say is I'm glad it's all over and we'... View Post
  • Shopping Marathon Begins

    Wow, here I am back in Bangkok. It was a great holiday ~ like a health farm in terms of working out and healthy food, but also a happy farm with evenings out and some lovely cocktails :-) But now it's work time. That holiday mode has been neatly amputated. I love that old saying ~ Wherever you go... View Post
  • Star Chakra Pendants

    I remember long ago being shocked by the revelation of another Chakra which was located outside the body, floating above the crown. As a Yogi I was firmly of the belief that al Chakras were firmly tethered to nodes on the Physical body. Despite initial resistance to the idea, this led to a new ... View Post
  • Well it's been a gruelling few weeks with the stocktake to do. I've had to add up EVERY piece of Jewellery in the shop and really got frustrated that I couldn't spend more time on the web. So happy to get back to you all with these unique pieces which have just arrived from our new manufacturers... View Post
  • Magnificent Golden Beryl

    I don't often devote a Blog to just one piece, but this one is extraordinary, even for us ! Background is that this Morning I got up to do my usual meditative excercises. I just combine bits of Yoga, Pilates, Body Building and Vipassana Meditation. The focus this strange year has been on the Plex... View Post

    Apologies to everyone it's been a long time between uploads ! I've been busy with a buying trip overseas and far too much accounts on my return ! I'm back in the saddle now though so expect uploads more often because we've just got soooo much amazing new stock - 80 kgs in fact, with Jewellery ran... View Post