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Wow. It's really been full on at the Heart since my return. Or should I say just MORE full on than usual  :-D  So the uploads have taken longer and there's still heaps to come. Over the last few days I've uploaded some lovely Peridot. This is the gem quality crystal of Olivine.  Prices of stones do fluctuate according to availability and that's something I really look for on my buying trips. This time there was a lot of lovely Peridot at very reasonable prices so I bought as much as I could !

Peridot was highly valued in the Ancient world, being only sourced from the mysterious island of Zagarbad. Apparently it was the favourite stone of Cleopatra, a much admired historical figure of mine because as a woman in a man's world her intelligence and resourcefulness bought her so close to marrying Julius Caesar and creating a new Empire combining Ancient Rome and Egypt. How different History would have been then. Forget Hollywood and Shakespeare, this was a woman who understood RealPolitik !

I mention this because although Peridot has a lovely uplifting heart energy it's also a stone of courage which helps one move fearlessly into new situations. Things didn't work out so well for Cleopatra - but she did get so very close to establishing a new Dynasty and did earn an unforgettable immortality.

Another interesting and supportive fact to my theory is that there's an awful lot of Olivine on Mars - which shows the martial aspect of this joyful heart centred stone.

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