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Never Ending New Jewels

A friend once referred to Crystal Heart as an Aladdins Cave of Treasures and he spoke well. Other people invest in property and super and good on them. But I'm the Gypsy of the Family. Or maybe it's my past lives as a Pirate - which balanced my many spiritual lives !  I just love travel and gemstones.  Before each buying trip I tell myself to buy less stock. I've got enough !  So I commit to buy only really lovely things.  But I continually find more lovely and irresistable gems. So watch this space because over the next few weeks we've got some more amazing treasures to show you.


Recent uploads - lovely Ammolite from Canada at really good prices. A new range of Malachite which was just too good to pass up. Some Seraphinite which is nearly half the price of locally bought. Over the next few days you'll see new Tiger's Eye, really lovely, and Marvelous Moldavite.

The problem with Moldavite nowadays is how to know if it's real ? Moldavite is a naturally occurring Obsidian, i.e. glass. There's no crystal structure or way to tell if it's genuine. Because of it's growing value there's a lot of fake Moldavite which I call " Heinekenite " since Heineken bottles are a very similar green. So I have to trust my instincts when buying - as you must also. But there is a way. Shine a UV light on it ( readily available on Ebay ) If it's still green it's genuine. But if it shows a yellow tinge it's dodgy.

Thankfully all my Moldavite is genuine according to this test.

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