Back from my Buying trip

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I had intended to keep you all up to date. However, my  days were spent running round the gem show or all the other places I've discovered in Bangkok. Endless calculations, negotiations, and of course every piece has to be checked. This is really a case of EXTREME SHOPPING ! Think about it. You may spend a few hours choosing one piece for yourself. I buy at the rate of 5 Kgs a day ! So by the time I get back to the Hotel it's time for dinner and crash to rest my body for the next marathon and my plans to keep you in touch were abandoned because, frankly, I was bloggered :-)

I'm already uploading new pieces. I did get some interesting Tiger's eye and Smoky pieces, then realised I hadn't even started those collectoions ! So they've now been finished and uploaded. More to come !






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