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Pietersite and Green Aventurine

Well things are running hot in the back room. I've improved my photographic techniques and uploaded Green Aventurine and Pietersite. Two stones that are equally powerful in very different ways.

Aventurine has taken a bit of a back seat lately but it is still worthy of the title of the All Round Healer. It's energy is quite soft and relaxing but it's function is to maintain a natural breathing rhythm which keeps the body in a healthy harmony and keeps you in touch with yourself. Calmness in the storm.

Pietersite however revels in the storm ! It loves the excitement and challenge of bringing order to chaos and gives you the strength and determination required to fulfill your mission.

Which pretty much sums up every crazy unpredictable day in the busy Crystal Heart :-)  I wear the Pietersite but keep some Aventurine in my pocket for when I get the chance to take a breather.

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