Amethyst and Frogs

Today I learned a new expression. To swallow the frog ! By which I mean an alive, slimy, probably kicking member of the Animal Kingdom. Not something you really want to do. But last night and today I swallowed the frog that is the AMETHYST COLLECTION

Over the years I've tried different approaches and finally decided that each piece should be defined first by stone then by style ( Pendant, Earring etc ) then by form ~ cab or cut.

That meant a lot of work because the Amethyst collection had become a melange of any different systems ~ but it's now all organised. I've been avoiding this particular Frog, but now it's all sorted. Swallowed. Done.

A day and a half's work, but worth it I think, because now you can browse a properly organised collection. Or just see the new stuff at Latest Uploads

Love from the Heart, as always.

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