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Latest Gemstone Beauties

Hi Everyone
Well as you can see from Latest Jewellery Uploads  I've been working hard since the last blog. Mind you, we're really only just over half way. Trouble is I love the stones so much that I have to give them the full attention with photography and description that they deserve.
Jess was kind enough to pick up on this with some of my Moonstone uploads and devote a Facebook post to the poetry of my descriptions. Wow. Thanks Jess ! Really I feel I'm just describing what I see in the Stones but hey, I did devote a fair part of my earlier life to writing poetry, so it's nice that some still shines through.
I've been uploading madly whenever I get the time. Whatever stone I feel like, because there's no set order for the uploads. I just choose what I fancy at the time. Just as you may intuitively choose your Crystals for the day or week and realise later that they were just the ones you needed.So it's always fun for me to see how my intuitive upload choices relate to what's going on in life.
In latest uploads you'll see Awesome Dendritic or Garden quartz & Moonstone. Some new Pink Tourmaline and Marvellous Manifestation Quartz from Julio. Finally a really special Lemurian Twin Soulmate in the Crystals section.
Putting these energies together in order metaphysically ~ there's Creativity and acknowledgement that even the most apparently random life choices make up a beautiful pattern in the Garden Quartz ( so stop being so hard on myself ) The Moonstone opened up simple emotional appreciation of Beauty beyond the mundane ( it's been a hard week, I needed that ! ) The pink Tourmaline empowers compassion which led me through some other problems.  Finally tonight with the Lemurian Soulmate and Manifestation quartz,  I find myself really looking forward to what these energies, will manifest :-)
 So now I'm looking back at my choices and feeling grateful. I've also been wearing Pietersite because I've really needed strength with flexibility,
Running this business. I wear so many hats. Website, Retail, Wholesale, Accounts. There's always a hundred things to do. This used to stress me out to the max until I realised ~ it's much better to throw away the list, and just do whichever task I feel like doing in the moment. Everything gets done in the end, but I'm a happier bunny.
No ones life is perfect. But I'm pretty sure it always teaches us the perfect lesson that we need.
On that note, time to pour a last Scotch and wish you all a happy and fulfilling weekend !
From the Heart, as Always.
Marc, Leah ( Leos first ! ) Laura, Jess and Hillary.

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