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Back from Thailand

Hi everyone and hope you're all well. Again, apologies for my infrequent blogging lately but TBH with all the stress of business through lock down plus 3 major surgeries in 12 months I have been somewhat fatigued ! Good news is that now everything has settled down I feel heaps better than before.

We've just passed through Easter which is the most emotionally intense time for Christians of all denominations. That's how I was raised. Even though I'd now call myself a Zen Buddhist that upbringing is still there. So although this may be controversial I have to say this. Christ was only locked down for 3 days before his resurrection. OK his prelude was more painful, but here in Victoria we were locked down for a total of 262 Days. So happy resurrection Victorians ! As I said back in April 2020, we just have to learn to love this virus and live with it. It's really nice to get back home and walk around without a mask. Sanity prevailing.

So what's new ? I just got back from a trip to Thailand.  I've always has a need to travel ( sudden flashback to me aged 7 jumping on my tricycle and telling Mum I was off  exploring :)

The quarantine hotel in Phuket was a 5 star resort and the prices are still really low, so I'd recommend it to anyone !

It was a business trip but sadly 75% of my regular wholesale suppliers were closed or departed so I bought what I could, but sadly no jaw dropping rare new gemstones. Not that the trip was a total failure ~ I found some Larimar at really good prices, some other nice styles and restocked the Chakra range. So keep on checking out the New Jewellery Collection

Then last week the Magical Crystal Van appeared so we've got a lot of new and beautiful orphans looking for a new home. Of particular note some amazing new clear quartz crystals, large and polished. We'll upload as soon as we can but if you're in the area this is a great time to drop in. Otherwise, check out the New Crystals section.

Love you all so keep well and sane.

Marc and the Heart Team.










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