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Covid Recovery and Fantastic New Stock !

Hi Everyone and I hope you're all well ~ and if not, have some support. Yes I finally contracted Covid. Yay ! Natural immunity ! Plus I was feeling left out ( it's a Leo thing )

I was just abnormally tired two Mondays ago so I gave myself a RAT only to find a thick positive exclamation mark. Monday to Thursday I was basically extremely fatigued. Yes some aches and coughing up phlegm, but the fatigue was the thing. After 7 days I tested negative but was still not out of the woods as I seemed to alternate good and bad days for the following week. The last few days though I feel back to myself ~ masses of uploads and hey, a Saturday Night Blog ! I highly recommend Zinc and Vitamin D to feed your immne system, plus the Garlic Horserdish and Vitamin C complex from Cenovis. Also Simmering some fresh Ginger and adding Honey and Lemon as it cools then spicing it up with some Whiskey/Brandy/whatever your thing is.

There's always a silver lining. A week of enforced rest away from the Biz really refreshed me. As soon as I got back though I started to liven things up with new orderes and I'm happy to announce our first import of Crystals from S.Africa and Madagascar. Blue Lace Agate Geodes and skeletal smoky Amethyst really excite me. Keep an eye on New Crystals

In New Jewellery we've uploaded some Moldavite, so hard to get the real thing currently. Today there's  a bunch of lovely lime green Kyanite and lots more to come.

So things are looking up. The street and hence the shop is still quiet, we're still low on staff compared to the previous cycle but again there's that silver lining. Now I have to spend more time in the shop to share my more practical view of spirituality. I thank existence every day that I started this website, and my gratitude for your support never ceases.

Love from the Crystal Heart Team as always


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