Back Home and so much to Show !

Hi Everyone ! It was a great flight back. So glad I swallowed my pride and accepted the wheelchair because going through Security and Immigration was a breeze. Big thanks to the staff at Thai Airways and Melbourne Airport ~ all positive helpful and caring.
I'm kind of laughing at myself right now. Because for 10 years my Mum had a bad knee ( yes, same one ) and just soldiered on until we all finally nagged her into a replacement with which she was really happy. Damn me if I ain't done exactly the same thing ! You know I really thought I'd done a lot of work on my "conditioning" with the spiritual aim of releasing the " Real Me " but there you go. We are what we are. Far better to love and accept what we are than pretend we can magically let it go and be someone else !
Anyway, It's been a long week of Admin and sorting out the treasure chest of gems I bought. Despite giving myself a tight budget I ended up spending twice as much !  But there were a lot of good deals this time that I couldn't refuse. Took me all day to group together all the stones from different suppliers, see the pic above. Those are fairly large bags, there's about 10 Kgs just there ! Add to that 5Kgs of plain Silver and 25 Kgs of beaded Jewellery . . . .
As soon as I can I'll Blog and Mail out a full list so if there's anything you're particularly interested in drop me a line and I'll prioritise the uploads.
I've already started on my designs because, well, I'm extra proud of them !
I'll be uploading nearly every day.
Don't forget also, if you are able to visit, anything you buy out of the bag gets a 10% discount. It's worth it for me as then I don't have to photograph, measure, upload and describe it !
That's why I've organised the bags so well. We've actually sold quite a few already because if customers are interested in a particular stone we've been bringing the bags out anyway :-)
So enjoy your fabulous existence as the only you in the Universe.
Love yourself as your are, you are unique.
Love from the Heart, as always

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