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End of the Line, yet another Time

Wow. Everything priced, bagged, and ready to ship with UPS tomorrow. One night off, then packing and flying. Despite allowing a few extra days, we've used all that extra time to the max. Although at least this trip Nicha didn't have to work through the night to fulfill our beading needs !
The Gremlins are still in force though. Remember the first day of buying I hobbled out with painful knee but everything was closed ? Well tonight we went out to eat at a very popular traditional Thai Restaurant to celebrate ~ Saeng Chai Pochana It was closed ! I've linked it in case any of you are travelling to Bangkok. It's worth a visit, along with an awesome footpath restaurant in Soi 9, Silom.
But wait there's more ! Tomorrow the electricity is off in our building so we have to get out before 9 am, cos walking down 21 flights with 40 Kg of stock is not an option ! Of all the days in the year, it had to be this one !
This trip was difficult from the very beginning. But we've managed to push through all the obstacles and buy some awesome stock.
Looking back over the 32 years I've been running this Crystal Heart, well I'm just reminded of all those times when everything seems to be going wrong. Always the same question. Is this a sign I'm on the wrong path or a challenge to see how much I want it ?  In fact it's not up to me at all !  Since I opened, this little Heart has had it's own will to survive. Just by being here it's helped a lot of people. It's not just a business. To all of you who appreciate us and help us survive, out heartfelt thanks.
Love from the Heart, as always

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