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Back Two Weeks & New Designs

Two weeks back now. Love to say that I've settled back into the flow but frankly it's felt more like being thrown into the rapids ! Perhaps it's the Two year in full swing now. Everyone around me is going through life changes, mostly positive ones they've been wanting to achieve for a while. All the shifts in the shop have changed along with that so I've been putting a few shifts on the shop floor as well, where I've noticed one positive change in myself. In the last few years where I was full time IN the shop I'd really begun to develop the character of John Cleese in Fawlty Towers ! Happily I find I love my customers again, rather than grudgingly accepting they actually had a perfect right to come into my Shop and disturb me :-)

Anyway, settling down now and managing to get some uploads moving. On my last two buying trips I bought some "Designer" Jewellery which made a good impression but didn't sell so well because they were expensive and for the same price my customers really want nice unusual stones in simple settings. Still, style was on my mind when buying this time so check out Latest Jewellery Uploads

I spent half a day at the Show picking out styles before stones. Hope you like them. They may not be unique one-offs, but I'm really happy with the price. And don't worry, there's heaps of our classics to come !

Following my other commitment of uploading a new specimen each week the rare Blue Spinel is now on line. We really have do such a great range of crystals in the Shop. After all, that was our core when we began 32 years ago. But there's not enough time for the uploading. I read somewhere that Blue Spinel is a great stone for workaholics ~ maintaining focus and balancing depleted energies. That feels right. So it's sitting on my desk right now. Maybe it's the change I need.

As I grow older and unwillingly wiser, having trod so many massively divergent paths in my life, it seems to me that the real change required is not so much concerned with what you do, but how you do it. How you see it. Your attitude. Had I known this when I was younger I could have saved myself a lot of grief ! But it's only  experience that teaches this lesson.

So. Good luck with all your changes be they internal or external.

Love from the Heart, as always,

So. Good li

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