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Uploads about to start !

I've been back since Saturday and caught up with 5 weeks accounts just in time for UPS to deliver all the goodies today. Already everything is priced and bagged according to Stone. It will take a long time to measure photograph upload and describe each piece ~ so as always, for those of you who can get in to the shop there's a 10% discount for these beauties. Just ask at the desk if you can see the new stuff.

Already out on the shelves we have lovely specimens of Amber, Kunzite, Red and Blue Spinel, Lazulite, Epidote Quartz, Emerald with Pyrites and Aquamarine.

For those special customers who live further afield, I can still send snapshots. Here's the Full List in alphabetical order.

Amethyst & Ametrine cut and cab. Aquamarine polished crystal, Black star Sapphire. Bloodstone, Cacoxenite ( Super 7 Substitute ) Citrine Cab Natural and faceted heated. Cobalto Calcite, Emerald, Kunzite, Labradorite drusy and cab, Kyanite, Larimar, Meteorite, Morganite raw, Nephrite Jade Rings, Opal, Peridot,  Rose Quartz Cab,  Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodochrosite, Seraphinite, Spectrolite, Tourmaline ~ Green, Blue, Pink, Watermelon, Uvarovite and Tanzanite.

It's a good job I love stones because that's all I'll be doing for the next month !

Love from the Heart ad always,

Marc, Laura, Leah, Jess and Hilary.



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