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Bangkok Blues and Brights

Sorry for the clickbait Title, but it was how I feel tonight ! OK the weather made me blue, but the gems I buy are always bright.

I went out for a massage early so I could write this blog. A good massage too, strong enough to move the knots without me screaming in pain. During it the Heavens opened with a massive thunderstorm, so for a while I was in Heaven as it's always good to be warm and cozy inside when the rain is pouring down outside. Afterwards I ran back to my room. This is always fun. I love the raw elements, I even sang a few strains of 'Singing in the Rain' (without the dancing)

Arriving drenched to my room however I found the monsoon was continuing inside ! Specifically pouring through the light fitting over the desk where I'd planned to write this blog. So I had to move rooms which is something I detest ~ this is a work trip, I've got so much to organise. But then to brighten the blues the new room is bigger and numerically a 9 which is good for completion. The old room number was a 3 which is great for creativity but not so good for focus. Nevertheless I was angry enough to drink too much whiskey, sigh.

A few days later and my buying is all complete. Overall I'm happy. Many things were more expensive, and I was out of practice with my main supplier. I didn't check the prices properly but that's OK ~ I'd rather cut my margins and still buy the lovely stones in quality silver that I know you like. A relatively new supplier came through with some lovely more dainty Peridot and Garnet faceted rings and so much more. Again, it's a higher quality of setting but the prices are still good. This is what I come to the show for !

There was no faceted Tanzanite anywhere so I checked out the loose gems section to find that prices have quadrupled over the last few years and it's not a great economy right now to charge so much more. I'm regretting that decision now because I love the stone so much, but I'll keep looking.

The Bangkok Gem Show is a big event and after Covid and lock downs and so many of our freedoms being curtailed I found there was a distinct lack of the general optimism and excitement. I hope I've managed to create some !

Right now my king sized bed is covered with Jewellery I need to sort and price. I'm back in a few days to start uploading. To keep the tradition, anything you buy before I upload it will attract a 10% discount.

We've also designed a new set of Zodiac beaded bracelets, they're being made as I write this and I'm quite excited about them. I know more about the stones than Astrology, so I just thought of the traits and all the people I know of each sign and chose 5 stones that would complement and balance them.

As I write this I can't ignore the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. An admirable person who performed her duty right up to her last days. In recent years she lost her husband, the love of her life and her daily uplift of spirit, but she never ceased in her work. May she rest in peace.

Love from the Heart as always

Marc, Leah, Lily, Jo and Kaitlyn.



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