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It's felt like two weeks working in the Mines !

Hi Everyone and I sincerely hope you're all well. It's been a tough time for many I know as we slowly recover from lock downs whilst enduring extreme weather where we may have hoped for sunny skies ! Testing Times however are also opportunities for Growth, so my best wishes to all of you in your endeavours.

Despite the positive vibes at the Heart it's also been a tough grind so I made a decision. When times are tough it's tempting to invest less in new stock. To contract rather than expand, just hang on till things improve.

As a Leo born on the day of the Lions Gate ( 8/8 ) the idea of such contraction is anathema ! The decision was made to expand and over the last few weeks countless kilos of new Crystals have arrived, hence the Headline here. Finally today I processed the last box, physically exhausted from carrying heavy crystals around. A few have been uploaded already, but it will take ages to show them all so if you are thinking of a visit now is the time !

Most special for me are the Amethyst Gateways  I've uploaded one and it's  worth reading my write up on this piece as it really caught my imagination.

On another note our Readers Maxine and Pamela are back, though with much limited days, Call the shop on 03 9349 1090 for an appointment.

Keep well all of you and  thanks for your support
Love from  the Heart as Always.
Marc James ~ with the support of Leah, Lily, Jo and  Kate.

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