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Coronavirus Update

Hi Everyone, and I hope you're all safe and well.
We are reducing our shop hours.
Open Friday to Monday 12 to 4
Closed Tuesday to Thursday.
Always open to special requests,
Focusing on the website, orders are now postage free $30 and above so you can get your essential supplies delivered to your door,
Regarding this new virus, there's been a lot of talk about Herd Immunity and of course that ultimately is our goal, we just don't want to get there too quickly and thus strain our medical resources.
But what's not talked about is Herd Consciousness ! Even if we're not personally affected we all tap into this communal distress. It's like an Earthquake with continuing aftershocks, disrupting our lives and futures, and the Media are mostly amplifying this as much as they can.
For the last few months I've been waking up tired thanks to that, and making it worse by immediately opening my laptop to read the latest ......... until a good customer set me to rights by calling it "Fear Porn" Thanks and blessings H.G. !
Now I wake up and just lie there in a no-mind state, not thinking, just breathing and slowly becoming conscious of body and surroundings.
Then as energy levels rise, with gratitude, I count my blessings.
Come on guys, no matter how dark things may seem, there's something to be grateful for. Even if at the very least you're alive and breathing !
Yes, I'm divided as never before. My Head wants to wallow in the Doom and Gloom, yet my Heart stays positive and knows that we will not only get through this, we will emerge stronger, clearer, and more in tune.
The next thing I want to say is possibly more controversial, but in all my long life's experience I know it to be true,
It's alive, therefore it's conscious and it's surviving the only way it knows how.
The Virus is not the enemy, it's just doing it's own thing like any other denizen of the natural world.
In all my experience I've found that hate limits me but love opens me up to reality.
Of course as a species we must move to protect ourselves.
All I'm saying is that we should move out of Love rather than Fear.
This Virus, for example, is welcome news to the Planet with a reduction in pollution.
It really makes people aware, as never before, the consequences of their actions and the fact that they can't have everything.
I gotta say this ~ now I've given consciousness to the virus, will PETA support it ? LOL
A virus is alive, is it not then an animal ? In this case an endangered species ?
Where do you draw the line ?
Mind you, for me, crystals have an alive consciousness also !
But I do try to sell them into good homes :)
If we only learn to respect our environment then the death toll of this virus is insignificant compared to the death toll if we allow it to fail.
All I'm saying is that it's better to operate out of Love rather than Fear.
Pump that into the Herd Consciousness.
We are all in this together.
Love from the Heart as always

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