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Hi Everyone !
Wow. What a few weeks ! But I'm really glad to see Government, Banks, Landlords and Friends all helping. All realising that we are all in this together. My Heart goes out to all of you.
Finally I can finally get back to the uploads. First off the block is Smoky Quartz. Check out the latest uploads
Today I finished uploading the rings and pendants I bought on my last trip. Lovely material, a beautiful mellow energy and good prices too.
I've also rounded out the collection adding some bracelets, earrings and necklace from the Nicha collection ~ our own very Fair Trade workshop in Thailand.
I chose Smoky intuitively out of the pile of new stuff and of course it was the perfect choice. This stone is all about bringing the white light consciousness of Clear Quartz into the Physical. Not only your own physical body but your external reality also.
So it's been perfect for this week of change and transition, telling me to rest when I need but also face the stressful financial details that needed organising.
I've always affirmed that life is change and the ability to adapt keeps us young. But there's a huge difference between changing your holiday destination, for example, and trying to surf a tsunami of financial and social change. Ouch. My heart goes out to all of us embarking on the same balancing act.
Anyway, after a stressful dealing with this, things are coming together.
3 times in my admittedly long life I've been in major life threatening situations.
Each one has been a shock to the system leading to major life changes.
This Virus is a similar Reality Check for the Planet.
It's foolish to think that things will eventually get back to " The Way We Were "
much as I love the song. Let's hope we can change that to " The Way We Want To Be "
In my case,
A more grounded, more real society.
One where profit is less important than sharing.
Where power is less important than compassion.
One where exploiting cheap labour is seen as immoral.
A world where we instinctively reject the grosser forms of pollution and
the terrifying amount of resources we plough into that military industrial entity.
Lets save our environment instead, it's our racial heritage.
let's explore Space ~ both internal and external.
I've always said, since I was very young,
that someone who just digs a ditch for a living, but does so with diligence and consciousness, deserves every bit as much respect as someone running a multi national or a country. So long as the latter does so with equal diligence and consciousness. I think we all know that with a few exceptions, the latter are failing this test.
Anyway, that's my Smoky Quartz take on things.
That's the kind of world I'd like to see
How about you ?
I'd love to hear some feedback.
Cheers ! and
Blessed be, my friends.
Love from the Heart as always.

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  • | Katherine R

    Thank you for your store remaining open—providing the positive energy needed during this time and for being the beacon of light during this time. Stay safe and well.

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