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Essential Oils and new Menu

Hi Everyone , and hope you're all well and evolving happily :-)
It's Sunday Evening here but despite it being a cold dark rainy day in Melbourne we've had a lovely bunch of customers and many spiritually turned on conversations. Days like this remind me why I'm still here after 33 years !
Crystal Heart seems to be rebooting itself and returning to those spiritual values with which it began.
Yes it's a business. But gemstones developed and hold their value because their value is, as it has been since before money, their effect on our energy, on our soul. It's their beauty, their constant high vibration, that draws us.
In the real Word I've been to busy grinding out EOY accounts, but did have a constructive chat with John from Buckley and Phillips and we now stock their entire range of essential oils, organic oils, and blends.
In case you didn't know, Buckley and Phillips are a 3rd generation company based in Melbourne and have heaps of integrity so you can trust you're getting a quality product.
Having said that, our top selling oil is always the " Meditation Oil Range "
Originally created by Dynamo house back in the 90s this blend developed a loyal following. Lost for a few years when they went out of business, it then resurfaced with a new company and we're glad we rediscovered it !
Leah has done a great job uploading all the new essential oils stock and cleansing the website menus so just check out the much clearer Aromas Menu on the home page.
She's also simplified the Books and Cards menu. We do have an excellent selection in the shop, but it's not something we sell a lot of on line and we just don't have the time to maintain a big on line presence in books.
Love to you all
Marc, Jess, Jo, Laura and Leah
in strict alphabetical order ! There's another Leo in there LOL

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