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Colombia Trip !

Hi Everyone and hope you're all feeling well. So sorry I've been slacking on these blogs. I've started many, but with all the intense transformation and changes going on I just couldn't agree with myself sufficiently to actually publish them ! Anyway things seem to be settling down now in my personal Universe and I'm glad to say I feel more relaxed and less driven.
So I'm just back from a wonderful trip to Colombia. Mostly it was a relaxing holiday, but I did spent an intense week in Bogota looking for stones. As far as general crystals went the trip was a bust. I visited some lovely crystal shops but they all carried the same stock I already have, and often more expensive. So I've really learned the value of my regular suppliers here !
Colombia is famous for it's Emeralds. They are the oldest in the world, with a unique bright green colour due to the Chromium in them. Most Brazilian emeralds, for example, are green due to Vanadium which renders them a darker green with less interior light and joy.
I've loved Colombian Emeralds since I read about them as a child, so it was really nice to finally visit the source.
Colombian friends here had already told me I should visit the Candelaria area where there were guys walking around with pockets full of these gorgeous stones to sell, so I went looking. Maybe it was a bad day because for a few hours nothing happened. There I stood, Tourist Emerald Flyer in my hand, and no takers, when a lovely little old lady tapped my shoulder. Queires Esmeraldas ? Si, por favor :-)
We went to the closest cafe where the waitress approached with a look that said " I know what you're up to, are you going to order ? "
Satisfied with coffee and mineral water, she left us to our real purpose.
Hermione's Anorak had many pockets ! ( that's the closest I got to her name in Colombian Spanish ) and after I explained I wanted Emeralds with inclusions and light ( gracias a Fluencia for improving my Spanish ) she produced a packet of beautiful Emeralds that opened my heart.
So after some hard but friendly bargaining the deal was done. Better than that, it was sealed with love and kisses. Now that's how I love to do business. I have the same relationship with all my suppliers. They're all friends. If I can't love you I can't do business with you.
Most of what I bought will be set before sale, but I will upload a few over the next week.
These Colombian Emeralds to me represent the joy of the Heart.
There's no better wish I can make for all of you, friends of the Crystal Heart.
Blessed be.

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