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Although I think of myself as an old Hippy at Heart and often dream of a different life in a little off-the-grid home listening to the birds in the Trees and watching the waves rolling along some infinite sea, the truth is I love this Business ! People comment on how much determination and dedication I've displayed to keep the Heart going for over 3 decades, through good times and bad. But I don't see it like that at all. I feel blessed because I've been given this opportunity to fulfill my life's purpose. There's never been any question in my mind about that. I'm really proud that the Crystal Heart survives on the High Street, alongside all those chain stores, because it tells everyone passing by that the New Age search for consciousness, change and self development, is a very real thing. Every day people enter this special space just to relax in the atmosphere here, get advice from my wonderful team, and enjoy the beautiful energy of our crystals and gemstones. Let's not forget the Team here ! Over the years so many have worked for the Heart and used it as a platform to find their own self fulfillment. The Heart is much more than just a business - and the heart would be nothing without you, dear customers, who appreciate what we're doing. There's been a few times when with my back against the wall I've talked about selling up. But no. The honest shock reaction from you all ( No you can't leave, we love this shop ) made me think again and carry on.

So this blog has meandered to a point of finding your life's purpose. The only light I can shed on this is that I stepped for the right reasons. I love that Taoist saying that "a 1000 mile journey starts with the first step " This means to me - make sure the first step is the right one !  I still remember the day I sat in Perth, jobless, mouths to support, and asking myself one question. How can I make money, be my own boss, and yet help people. The answer was - well you read Tarot, go to a market and do that. Overcoming my shyness and fears that's what I did next weekend ! Success there surprised me, but because of that we opened a small permanent stall and decided to sell the things we were into. Crystals, tapes, self help books. That really exploded and long story short, ended up in Crystal Heart where my interests in Geology, Evolution, Love, Business, Meditation all came together. The first step was the right one.

I feel to say some thanks here. To my Mother who gave me the blessing - and the curse - of an open mind. Mum, I started this website with your legacy. It's all for you. To Osho, that iconoclastic guru who took my open mind to places I'd never dreamed of. To Prem Dhyan, whose business sense began this whole journey. To all the lovers, revolutionary activators, friends and enemies. Thank you all, I'd never have made it here without you.





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