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New Ametrine

Ametrine was one of the great finds at the last gem show because you don't see a lot of it around, so I was very happy to find a lot of good quality are reasonable prices. Layers of Amethyst and Citrine, which comprise Ametrine, are only created when the heat of formation is hovering around the 500°C mark. Below that you get Amethyst but above, Citrine. So it's an unusual quirk of Nature. The nice thing, as with most natural partnerships, is that they are very complementary energies. I love Amethyst, but can't wear it because it pushes me too far into my natural spirituality and away from the physical world :-) But the intimate collusion of Creative Stimulating Citrine brings about an Alchemy that results in clear headed decisiveness, Love it. Read and see more here........................... AMETRINE COLLECTION

Enjoy !

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