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Gilding the Back of the Buddha

Hi everyone and hope you're all keeping well.
Gilding the Back of the Buddha is a lovely saying from Thailand. It's actually to do with Charity. Some people want everyone to know they've donated and want it up front for all to see. The truly charitable, however,  gild the back of the Buddha, not the front, because to them the act of donation is it's own reward.
Crystal Heart, of course, is more of a commercial Temple :-) but still I've been totally occupied in behind the scenes stuff rather than new uploads.
Leah made a lovely post by Leah on our Facebook Page  about the New Moon in Taurus which is an Earth sign and this makes sense as I've certainly been fully occupied with organising Earthly stuff. All the loose ends in the office I've ignored because I love uploading new Gems ~ the front of the Buddha for me. I've had to turn my attention to Yearly and Quarterly Accounts, clearing Mountains of Junk, Jewellery repairs, and 2 days just bringing the Silver Pendant Collection up to our new higher standards. So if you've been finding the same things in your own lives ~ well done !
Finally I've created space for new uploads, which will start tomorrow. More from Julio and Marco plus things I've still got left from the last buying trip. So i appreciate your forbearance here, and promise we'll get more interesting :-)
Hopefully we can all look forward to enjoying the space we've created.
Love from the heart as always
Marc and the Crystal Heart Family

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