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The Famous Five :-)

Well it's a cold wet windy winter evening here in Melbourne. I just can sense all those creative writers huddling round the heaters, pens or laptops in hand, striving to sublimate the atmospherics into their words. Well I've got an overdue Blog to write, that'll do me :-)
So Hi ! How are you ? I sincerely hope you are all doing well because it seems to have been a stressful energy last month ! All of us at the Heart have been tested with various stresses. Thankfully we've survived. So condolences and congratulations to you all for surviving and hopefully prospering.
Had a visit from Marco DeKoster this week. Once again spent too much money but he does have some classy stuff. I've uploaded his bracelets already, tomorrow I'll start on a reboot of a new Tree Collection by Italian Jeweller Francesco that Marco also works with.
We really are a bunch of old gossips when we get together, keeping in touch with our trade, and while chatting with Marco an obvious truth hit me, which inspired this blog.  There are just 4 guys ~ Marco, Paul, Julio and Eddie, who are now my only Australian suppliers ~ and I've been dealing with them all since the 90s ! Thing with each of them is that they create their own. They have their own sources, their own styles and connections. There's simply no way I could emulate that working alone. Of course when I first started travelling overseas, buying from source and making a few things of my own, I did play with the idea of stocking my range exclusively. But it doesn't work that way. Creativity has to be acknowledged. You need a certain generosity of spirit to do so, sure, since my margins are lower, but I am supporting Creativity, just like all those writers working on their pieces, and to me that is supporting consciousness, which is very much my life mission. And of course, to balance any taint of Spiritual Smugness, that's why I only drink good Scotch :-) Cheers !
You may have noticed that I've only mentioned 4 characters. Guess who the Fifth is ? Not me. The Fifth member of this Famous Five is . . . . drum roll ..... presenting
You, The Customer !!!!
Without your support, the Crystal Heart would not be.
Ultimately, my desire is to present the most excellent range I can to you. Fortunately sales suggest I'm doing an OK job, though I'm always welcome to suggestions.
Thanks for reading my Blog,
and Love from the Heart as always.

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