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Hi Guys and hope you're all doing well ! I guess the Title gives my mood away ~ I've just been listening to Chairman Dan's Map out of Lock Down. What a depressing document ! Crystal Heart will have to remain closed until October 28th and only open then if new cases have fallen to 5 per day for the previous two weeks. But hey, he has a supercomputer programmed by the University of Melbourne to tell him what to do, bless him. I got an honours degree in Computers and Cybernetics back in 1979 and one thing I learned about computers. If you put garbage in you get garbage out.
But Hey, it's a lovely sunny day. Let's leave Desperate Dan stuck in his dark Grimm's Fairy Tale Forest and think of finer things.
Our Website stays open, there's still free postage for orders of $30, and we're still doing Click'n'Collect.
Again, a massive Heart Warming Hug from all of us to all of you.
Your support has been magnificent and keeps me going emotionally as well as bill paying financially.
We've been working hard to expand the website range even further.
Leah adds a few tumbled stones every day, I've been uploading a big shipment of gemstone balls with Eggs, Runes, Carved Rose Quartz Ganeshas to come.
Next week we have another shipment of New Crystals from our favourite supplier.
There's still some New Jewellery from Paul, my last trip, and then Julio to upload.
So there you go. Working hard and staying .... well positive is the easy thing to say, but that by Universal Law has to be balanced by a negative ...... so I'm staying Grateful.
I don't need a Crystal Ball to see that many people will be writing books about "What Went Wrong" during this Global Insanity but I'd rather see it as a massive opportunity for personal growth, self understanding, self empowerment.
Love to you all from the Heart, as always
Marc, Leah and Jo

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