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Staying Positive !

Hi guys and hope you're all doing well. The Heart is still physically closed thanks to the lock down - but emotionally spiritually and On Line still very much open !
One thing about this second lock down is it gives me time for introspection.
For the first month for example, I became obsessed with classical piano performances on you tube. And I didn't do so lightly. Over 4 nights I listened to 5 performances of Beethoven's Emperor Concerto to decide who was my favourite pianist ! Hélène Grimaud won that competition, but Yuja Wang won the rest.
Well, that obsession has relaxed now, but it does leave me with a permanent new interest.
Then I became obsessed with the Virus and all the new info from around the World, and all the political responses which did lead to some fiery exchanges in the comments section because free thinkers and the bureaucratic love of rules and regulations don't mix well lol. In this period I did find two great sources ~ Dr. John Campbell on the Virus, and Ivor Cummings for amazing Health advances more generally.
Well worth a look.
So then I was introspecting that maybe I have an Obsessive Personality. But that has too many negative connotations.
On further thought I've renamed it 'Enthusiastic Focus'
That to me is the joy of life.
Which brings me back on track.
Because Crystals and Gemstones are a great focus, and I'm perpetually enthusiastic about them. Which is something we all share here on this website.
Back in 2008 I travelled to Jaipur, gem capital of India, and met up with a guy who shares that enthusiasm. Since I'm banned from travelling and missed the last Gem Show I caught up with him again and made an order which just arrived.
Today I uploaded some lovely Moldavite. As a Teaser there's Libyan Glass and a lot more to come over the next week or two. Check out
You'll find a real mixed collection there because I was trying to upload stuff from the last Gem Show in Feb before this shipment arrived.
Meanwhile Leah has been uploading
Well that's all for now, just wanted you to know we're still alive and growing.
Love from the Heart, as always.
Stay Safe, Take Care, but Have Fun !
Marc, Leah and Jo.

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