Happy Holiday :-)

Hi Everyone. Nice to get back in touch after a few weeks out ! I'm still in Thailand having a holiday before the gem show. I'm proud to announce I've achieved my goal - this is the most boring holiday ever ! Here it's just gym swim massage eat well so I can get my body back, Yes, exactly what I wanted because the last 5 months at the Heart were exciting and stressful enough. As the uploads from the previous trip wound down I got to work on the new website - hope you love it - and then in the last two weeks big buys from Julio and Marco. Which are being uploaded daily 'cos I'd hate you to get bored. So stay tuned to latest uploads, don't forget to mail me if you want me to look out for anything special at the Gem Show. Finally don't forget the 10 % discount offer for the new website is still open until the end of this month. Just enter the code LOVEIS at checkout.

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