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Buying in Bangkok

Well, Holiday over now the "work" begins. OK it is a bit draining walking round all day but buying beautiful stones makes it all worthwhile. Gem Show doesn't start for a few days but there's a few favourite suppliers in Bangkok I can visit. I got a few more of those gorgeous Epidote Quartz Phantoms, some really lovely chunks of Morganite to make into Jewellery, nice Kunzite Pendants - the natural crystal shape, polished and set really simply. Managed to find some Chrome Diopside beads, not often seen, and some lovely faceted Tourmaline beads - expensive always, but we got a good price. Of course you don't get to see these for a few weeks, but I thought you'd like an update on how things are going so far.

On a sadder note, Louise Hay passed away a few days ago at the age of 90. The same date Wayne Dyer passed. That woman has been an inspiration to so many, myself included. From the moment we opened our shop in 1986, she has always been in our top ten. What a life. So many lives touched. A reminder to us all that by living a positive conscious life we also inspire the people around us.

Keep it up ! the Universe loves you !

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