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Just Another Lockdown .........

So the streets of Melbourne are a Ghost Town once more. But Hey, we Victorians are the best at lock downs. Why isolate a few suburbs when you can lock down the whole state !
How does it affect the Heart ? Well, we will be completely closed Sunday and Monday, but the Shop will be Personned for the rest of the week because we still have Click and Collect. We can also serve you at the door if you know what you want. And of course the website never sleeps.
Yesterday was busy in the Shop with people picking up their spiritual essentials because, for some strange reason, things that make you feel better and improve your state of Mind/Spirit are not considered essential in a lock down.
We're looking forward to a deep clean and restock of the Heart.
There's still lots of exciting uploads so check us out.
We're putting our best faces on, I know, but it has been a hard year. It seems that whenever we get back to normal we get locked down again, and this uncertainty and impossibility to plan ahead seems to have created a negative group mind, a Melancholic Melbourne Miasma which permeates our psyches and makes everything a struggle.
For most of my life it's been a joy to get up in the morning, stretch and meditate but this year it's been like wading through glue to get there !
Truth is that we are a lazy race as a whole that only evolves when under pressure, so maybe some good will come of it.
The biggest lesson for the Heart has been to relax a bit. We're doing less hours with less staff and we're happier without the stress of long days and hitting targets. The website has been going really well so a big thank you to all our on line customers, you've really made a massive difference.
In the end, the only thing that matters is your evolution, the way in which you live your life, because that other story is as old as humanity.
Love from the Heart as always
Marc, Leah, Jo and our readers Pam ad Maxine

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