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New Stones to Celebrate Opening

Hi Everyone and hope you're all keeping well.

So. Just as we were getting used to the 'Quiet Life' without customers, lock down ended and we opened the shop today. Yes we love you, but it's been great just to focus on polishing 75 shelves of Jewellery and clean out  decade of junk !

We're still having to wear masks indoors, so unfortunately can't take bookings for readings.

Whilst our massive Crystal and Orgone shipment has been long delayed, we were lucky in getting a large shipment of our special healing stone Jewellery in yesterday, a whole week early ! So I  spent all yesterday pricing it and have begun uploading new gems already.

170 items, 30 different stones, but the stand outs are

Quantum Quattro, Native Copper with Agate, Celestobarite, Vanadinite, Blue Smithsonite, Amethyst Stalactites, Larimar Slice Pendants, Nuummite, Sunstone in Iolite, Vanadanite, and Violet Flame Opal.


If you're able to come into the shop then the usual offer stands ~ just ask to see the new stuff and go through the bags. I'm very happy to give a 10% discount for all those as that means I don't need to upload it.

If you're one of those lucky people living a normal life outside Victoria and you're interested in any of those stones just let me know and I'll prioritize uploading it.

Love from the Heart, as always !

Marc Leah Jo and our readers Maxine and Pamela.


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