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Lament of the Locked Down Business

Hi Everyone and hope you're all doing well. Here in Victoria we're back into our 5th lock down, and my heart goes out to all of NSW now experiencing the same.  Crystal Heart will somehow survive, because that's what we do. My faith in the Heart has been invincible since 1986 when we began, and my heart goes out to all of you small local businesses who give so much to your community. You know who I'm talking to. Small businesses are never just a way to make money. It's a way of life and without you our life would be less rich. You all give some of your heart to your customers and receive appreciation in return. You're dedicated, I know. Your business is your passion. Because of that you bring colour to our lives. Whether it's a place to drink a coffee, read a book and enjoy some alone time, or a place where you can be heard, small businesses are there for you.

I forgot the magic word. Independent. We didn't want a safe 9 to 5 with super and pension. We wanted to do our own thing. Express our personality and live or die by that. For small businesses these lock downs are felt as a personal attack. But. We will survive. We are the glue that holds society together.

Lock downs may appear to be the end but they can also be openings. We suddenly have time away from the never ending demands of our business. For myself the first lock down enabled a rediscovery of my old love of classical music, especially piano. Just because our business and physical life is locked down doesn't mean that we are !

There's no doubt that this ' Pandemic ' is being railroaded by global forces bent on profiteering. It was ever thus - but remember that those seductive fascist forces are eternally overcome by the power of the individual.

Stay strong my friends. Use this time to evolve your consciousness and your understanding of what's really happening.

Love from the Heart, as always.


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  • | Katinka

    This is such a nice tribute to all small business owners. :)

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