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Message from the front Line

Hi All and hope you're feeling well.

Crystal Heart has been something of a War Zone the last week ! 90 Kgs of Crystal Balls, Pyramids, Eggs, Orgonites and more arrived last Friday and just as I was getting into that, the Crystal Van arrived on Monday ( my day off, that's dedication ! ) so there's another 100 Kgs of Clusters, Tumble Stones, Specimens, Caves etc. I'm still only half way uploading through the last Jewellery shipment and there's another on the way ..... Thankfully Leah handled most of the Crystals.

So. Exciting times. I can't really complain about the workload since I do this to myself regularly. It's always a challenge to stay sane and hey I love new stuff ! Still, I'm trying to be smarter this time and divide the tasks into each day so as not to get too stressed. Today I uploaded Carnelian Jewellery and some Orgones, and processed a box of Pyramids, between serving customers :)

Anyway, check out New Jewellery and Latest Gift Ideas

Have you noticed the change in the write ups ? The Website is due for an overhaul, but I already adopted some early advice ~ so the write ups for each product are longer and left aligned. I'm actually enjoying the process, hope you are too.

Word is that Amethyst clusters and caves etc are about to become a lot more expensive. Frankly I feel they've been undervalued for a long time anyway, but this is also another effect of the Covid Crisis. S.America ~ Uruguay and Brazil for Amethyst ~ are doing it tough. So take advantage of the good prices we got on the last shipment !

That's all I can think of for now, so stay safe and take care

Love from the Heart, as always

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