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Lion's Gate ? You bet !

The Lion's Gate is a period between July 26th and August 12th which sees an acceleration of consciousness, a doorway to your Divine Self, and the opportunity to go beyond your limitations. It peaks on August 8th which just happens to be my Birthday ~  possibly explaining my lifelong interest in the Esoteric despite performing grievous bodily harm on my brain forcing myself to a science degree !
So if you've been experiencing some intensity recently, been reviewing your life, making new decisions, perhaps realising that you really are a very special and divine being, then you've been experiencing this Lion's Gate.
For me I've not had a day off since this began, overcoming my "I'm too tired" limitation. Thanks to that, the shop is now full of beautiful new Crystals and some lovely new Jewellery. I'm uploading as fast as I can !
We open till 10 pm on Friday and Saturday and tonight it felt more like a party. Everyone was a bit crazy and I was in full flow channeling my Crystal Master.
Wish I could remember what I said afterwards !
Adding up was a problem but hey it was great to give the logical mind a break. Seriously speaking, that's a good thing for all of us because logically speaking this World is a mess ~ but I've always believed that since we're all interconnected, despite the false divisions of Race, Wealth and Religion
our own individual leaps in consciousness
have a positive effect on the whole
Blessed be.
Love from the Heart, as always.


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