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No Show but lots of Goodies !

Shocking to realise that the Bangkok Gem Show is on and for the first time in 17 years I'm not there an hour before opening so I can get in first in order to hunt the best stuff !
But then my stock take reveals 3 years worth of Jewellery sitting on my shelves and the Thai Baht is so low that everything would cost 25% more !
But worry not, there's plenty in the pipeline ! There's an order of popular rings coming in at the end of the month, plus I've sent off a bunch of Quartz, Herkimers, Danburite, Emerald, Sapphire to make a new range of MJ Jewellery.
For many years I've been in the habit of putting away stones for Jewellery making so I just raided that chest and spent a weekend doing designs.
Whilst looking I found a whole bag of Herkimer Diamond rings !
So keep on checking
You won't be disappointed !
Also Jess has researched a set of Astrological Bracelets ~ we sell them in a set of 3 for each Star Sign. You can wear them singly or all together. Find them here
Enjoy your Weekend !
Love as Always from the Heart
Marc Jo Jess Laura and Leah
and our readers ~
Maxine and Pam.

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