Hi Guys and hope you're all feeling well. We at the Heart are still reeling at the most severe lock down measures yet. Flu kills 900 Australians a year. Currently that figure is down to 36 ! Coronavirus has so far killed 250. Is this worth the cost to our economy, the restriction of our liberty, and all the collateral damage ?
I leave that for you to decide !
Anyway, what doesn't defeat you makes you stronger and this is equally an opportunity for us all to step back, look inwards and evolve.
To help our customers as much as possible we've already made free postage for orders of only $30 and above.
For local inhabitants of " Camp Covid " we've also today created a click'n'collect option.
You can select that at checkout on the website. You can make the order whenever, but pick up times are limited.
Currently Friday and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm
Monday 12 noon to 4 pm.
Love from the Heart as always !

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