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What's going on out there ?

Hi everyone and hope you're all enjoying your lives, just as life at the Heart continues.
We can't close our doors. We continue to stay open, albeit on limited hours, during this second lock down - and continue to be incredibly grateful for all the positive feedback we've received both in store and here on the website. It's both humbling and gratifying. Thank you all.
Like you, I'm shocked at what's going on out there in the World ! It seems this virus has sparked a world wide catharsis of frustrated feelings and they're just spilling out everywhere.
It's never been more important to remain centered. To take personal responsibility for your own feelings. To deal with them internally first, which leads you to personal empowerment not victimhood. Then you can respond, not react.
Freedom of Spirit is the goal, and there are no excuses.
I'm taking the high ground here.
Whether it's racism sexism, PC ism or something else.
I know there are still many institutionalised problems here.
But. All  these isms exist in your own mind ! Seriously. No matter how much external validation there may be. If you don't buy into it, you don't empower it.
If you fight them aggressively you only make them stronger.
It's never been more true. Change your consciousness and change the world.
OK, rant over. I know I'm preaching to the converted. Respect to all you households and individuals who are remaining aware yet calm !
What's going on at the Heart ?
We've had a huge influx of Crystals, lots of specimens including some heart opening crystal cluster from Madagascar with with a lovely soft pink heart opening colour which really stood out.
Also a massive order from India. Lots of our popular pendants and pendulums, also many orgonite products. I'm particularly pleased with the Shungite pyramids that we had made especially for the Heart.
I've also been uploading lots of Black Tourmaline which is a great stone to empower you, clear out the blocks, so negative energies are no longer a problem.
Throughout this time the energy at the Heart has never been clearer.
Our mission is to provide Clarity and Support, along with beautiful gemstones that support that.
Love from the Heart, as always.
Marc Leah and Jo
Also our readers Maxine and Pam, still open to phone readings.

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