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Marvellous Moldavite Uploaded

I didn't buy any Moldavite on the last trip because this time the energy of the stones just didn't feel right. But Paul's does ! Turns out there's a professor in Czechoslovakia who specialises in Moldavite and buys his direct from the field, and Paul buys directly from him. Moldavite is one stone you have to be careful about, and we at the Heart care a lot about Authenticity. We also got some fantastic faceted pendants which all show the classic spherical bubbles and flow structure of genuine Moldavite. There's many theories about how Moldavite was formed but this, from another Czech Professor, is by far the most viable. About 14.7 Million years ago a large Meteor or Comet hit the Earth. The actual Impact vaporised the Earth's crust. But in a tiny time window before impact a super hot air column which travelled in front melted the Earth's surface. Molten drops of Moldavite flew up and away, no doubt mixing with some Meteor substance, and landed 100s of Kilometres away in the area of the Moldau Valley, Czechoslovakia.

Well. So many report the intensity of Moldavite energy for personal transformation. It's a total wake up stone, which certainly brought home to me the role of my life in a Universal process. The metaphysical parallel is clear. The Universe is banging loudly on your Heart's door saying Wake Up !

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