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So Much More Magic !

Wow. It's 10 pm on Saturday night but I've had lots of fun uploading gorgeous gems :-) Mandarin Garnet ! Double Wow ! This has been something of a mythical stone for me - but at last we have some in stock. Still the same warm centering energy typical of Garnets but an explosion of abundant creativity. Chatting about all the different forms of Garnet with Paul I loved his explanation " Garnet is a greedy guts ", he said. " It'll just absorb anything spare elements going and that's why there's so many colours "

Also new is the first Australian Chrysocolla we've seen, from the Northen Territories. It's lush, like Australia in the Wet Season - but has some red Cooperite which reminds us of the Dry.

Finally, tonight I uploaded some Kunzite - including the most beautiful piece I've seen in a long time. The Perfect Pink, great Clarity but with lots of lively inclusions.



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