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More uploads . . . . so right for our times.

Got a really efficient production line going on those uploads now. Can't believe how long it used to take me ! So in New Jewelry you'll see some really lovely "A" grade Rhodochrosite - I think we all need a bit of that warm loving self indulgent energy ! There's a new range of Manifestation quartz, an ideal stone for manifesting in this ONE year as we start a new cycle ( great prices too. ) An extraordinary and beautiful star shape Golden Rutile ring, and tonight's contribution is a lovely range of Malachite, so we can detox those negative energies and associated thoughts and focus our natural will on whatever lies ahead. Good times for all of us I think. Though there may be a bit of trepidation as we explore new paths and ways of being, we're all touched with a consciousness not just of Crystal Energy but of the inner and outer Universes we inhabit, and it's my deep belief that the Universe will always support that consciousness.

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