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New Gems and Joy

Hi Everyone and hope you're all doing well. This last week has been really positive for me. Last Sunday, after working with light hearted Prasiolite I woke up for the first time since the accident feeling light hearted and looking forward to the day. Depression can be a subtle and seductive thing ~ especially when you just think Oh I'm in recovery, this is normal.
I mention this because after our tumultuous 2020 with all the negative press it's been easy for any of us to succumb to varying degrees of depression.
This morning while exercising I was able to add a lot of my old routine to the injury specific ones and without thinking I got up and walked around without crutches relatively normally for the first time since 11/11 !
In my last blog I ended by saying we should all be more conscious but I think I was mainly talking to myself. A Joyful spirit combined with enjoyment and celebration of life is a true hallmark of consciousness.
A lot of us missed that spirit this Christmas ~ well, better late than never !
I'm back in the saddle now with uploads of new shipments. New Stones. Yes that's my business, but still each shipment feels like Christmas as I unpack all those beautiful new energies.
I've started off with a range of rings which have been so popular that I produced another run of them. I ordered them last October for Christmas lol.
From the delicate Celtic Flower ring at $59.95 to the Silver Swirl and more of the two or three tone spinner rings there's a good price range and lots of sizes.
Coming up will be more of our unusual gemstones that you're used to seeing.
Then some more of Julio's unusual designs.
And then a whole box of odd pieces that I never got round to.
Thanks again for all your support, especially when I was feeling a little bit down and overwhelmed,
Wishing you all an uplifting and prosperous New Year.
From the Heart, as always.
Marc, Leah and Jo
and our readers Maxine and Pam

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