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The End of the End of the World ?

Happy New Year Everyone !
Normally I'd be feeling at least slightly excited but somehow it feels more like a funeral for 2020. I'm just mentally digging as big a hole as possible to bury this year in forever !
It's been a year in which the incompetence of politicians and the intransigence of health bureaucracies around the world has turned a fairly serious virus, somewhat more deadly than Flu to be sure, into an economically and emotionally destructive force that has turned the world upside down.
To their eternal shame the mass media have taken every opportunity to inflame our fears and discredit alternatives.
Vitamin D for example, preferably taken with Zinc, is essential for our immune systems to create T cells and fight infection. That's simple fact, but no one reports it,
HCQ and Ivermectin both show potential but any supporters were discredited by the same immoral media. Bureaucrats, famous for their inability to think for themselves, fell in line.
Australia actually banned HCQ and S.Africa just made that essential medicine Ivermectin illegal. Both drugs, perfectly safe and used for years. Sadly, no money to be made there.
A massive thank you though for health care workers around the world. In my recent hospital stay I was reminded just what magnificent beings nurses are. We give medals to people who can drive fast or kick a ball ~ but our health care workers are far more deserving.
My heart is also warmed by the fact that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine will be released at cost price.
The world is not totally lost.
A lot of people talking about New World Order, the Great Reset and other conspiracy theories, but you know as well as I that the greatest revolution is that of our conscious evolution.
This has been a testing time.
Media, Politicians and Bureaucrats have tested us.
Many have fallen under that spell, but many have reacted with consciousness.
Thank You.
From the Heart
as always.

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