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Hi Everyone and hope you're all well. Yes we have a new website that we've been working on for a few weeks and I hope you like it. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated of course, as I have the IT team for at least the next 3 months to make any changes. We all loved the old website but the change was forced on us in order to keep up with changes in Google. We've tried to keep it as close as possible to the original. Hopefully this one will be operate more quickly and smoothly.

It's been an intense start to the New Year. Many customers have had a similar experience of ' Tying up Loose Ends ' so that we can move on and enjoy the benefits of some positive changes when they finally arrive.

For myself I went to the doctor with funny vision in my left eye. She sent me straight to the Melbourne Eye and Ear Hospital where they discovered a melanoma growing underneath my retina ! This was as you might imagine a tremendous shock as it was too large for radiotherapy. But here the Angels stepped in.  They were just beginning a global trial for a new cancer treatment targeted specifically for this very rare melanoma !

They checked me all over, including an hour in an NMR machine. This showed that the cancer hadn't spread which was more good news so I received one of the 8 places reserved for Australia. It's not a traditional chemotherapy but does leave me much more fatigued, with some minor hair loss. After the first month I'm happy to say that the Tumour has begun to shrink. The goal is to get it small enough that radiotherapy can be used so that I keep both the eye and the vision.

So there you go. What started as a real body blow ends up with me feeling uplifted and grateful. My inner nerd is actually really excited to take part in a trial like this ! Given a good coffee I can generally work really well for 4 or 5 hours at a stretch during which I feel alert, energised, and mentally better than ever.

I've also learned to let go of the shop as absolute dictator of my life ! To take time off when I need and really appreciate the great work of our team. For them I'm truly grateful.

Every apparent disaster is also a learning experience. I've been learning an awful lot these last few years !!!!

Love from the Heart as always

Marc, Leah, Lily and Kaitie  plus our readers Maxine and Pamela.

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